School’s out! ……maybe forever….

New technologies and major paradigm shifts in the world’s economy, the nature of cultural interaction and how we acquire and apply knowledge, means we live in exciting but uncertain times.

It’s unclear what our children will need to survive and be successfull as their futures unfold.  Lots of people have lots of opinions on this. A myriad influences already impact on how and what they should learn (and what we as parents and carers need to learn alongside them). What will never change though is the need to open young minds and keep them stimulated, develop their curiosity and provide them with opportunity wherever and whenever we can.

LearningBeyond are a family living in beautiful south Devon. Daddy’s an education and elearning consultant, Mummy’s a photographer and Amber (9), Leila (6) and Phoebe (2ish) are three girls with bright and hungry minds. We started this blog to share ideas of how we learn about stuff at home, with friends, on holiday and everywhere else (including school). Early on as parents, we pledged to follow and pursue our children’s interests to nurture their learning and support their emerging talents – and find out new stuff ourselves. However, the blog is also a repository of ideas, ramblings and ideas collected form elsewhere that are worth sharing – generally around learning, learning design and learning technology.

So – we decided to start sharing ideas with others and figured a blog was a good start. We welcome feedback, ideas, constructive criticism and debate but please remember our children are part of this process too.

If you like stuff – please tell us. If you don’t agree with some ideas then tell us why not. As things develop we’ll be providing links and content on things we or our kids have enjoyed or benefited from. So if you’re a parent, a teacher or anybody else, hopefully you’ll find something of interest. We may also post up random stuff that has amused us, fascinated us, intrigued us, which we think might do the same for others. So keep an open mind. We want to consider what’s out there beyond the normal horizons.

And we’re crazily busy – so if the pace of new posts or content occasionally slows – don’t worry, we will reappear.

For starters you can follow Jim and various educational folk (and others) on Twitter @JimGardnerDevon

Or look at Vicki’s lovely images at: http://www.vickigardnerphotography.co.uk

Or contact Jim directly at Jimigglobal@yahoo.com


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow, this is great, super resources already and I know there’ll be more to come, as for the images they are such high quality stuff. Will be re-tweeting lots of this I can tell Liz H x

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