Why is air invisible?

Come on all you clever cloggs – got an answer to this question for a six year old?

Once you’ve tackled that one, how about this:

Why do we bump into walls but not the air?



3 thoughts on “Why is air invisible?

  1. Air is not really invisible, the sky is blue as it reflects some of the blue light. It is only invisable in our narrow range of the light spectrum. If we could see infra red, then all we would see would be red.
    Seeds developed from spores – which are the ‘mobile’ male part of the plant. Plants and animals did not always have male and female counterparts, and explaining why they do has been one of the greatest achievements in biological sciences. Why should we work so hard to reproduce and then only pass on 50% of our genes to our offpsring? The reason is that it produces more variation in our offspring, which speeds up evolution – important for evolving faster than bacteria, viruses and pathogens.
    Tatus Wilkin

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