Will Queenie stay for ever?

Another question from the kids:

Will the queen retire or carry on till she dies?

Traditionally in the UK, our monarchs reign until death. Our Queen Elizabeth considers her coronation vows to last all her life. In fact, a royal aide told Britain’s The People newspaper: ‘As far as the queen is concerned, abdication is not an option and never will be. She believes that her vows at the Coronation in 1953 tie her into the job for life – it is her constitutional duty to remain monarch until her death.’

Elizabeth became Queen on her father’s death in 1952. She had watched her father, King George VI crowned on 12 May, 1937 when she was 11 years old.. Sixteen years later, people gathered together to watch the Coronation of Elizabeth on 2nd June 1953 at Westminster Abbey. It is traditional to wait a year after the death of the preceding monarch before the coronation of the new monarch.



Where does that leave Prince Charles..?


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