Revive a Child

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Revive a Child.

Revive a Child is run by a Ugandan friend of ours called Anselm Barozi. We met Anselm earlier this year when he was staying in the UK for year, raising money for Revive a Child. The charity is based in Kampala, Uganda.

Many of the young people at Naguru Remand Home are not criminals. In the fall out from the Rawandan genocide of the 90s and the continuing violence and social chaos that is now the Republic of Congo, many young people lost parents, were kidnapped and forced into ‘military service’ by rebel groups, or were simply abandoned by parents unable to cope for  a variety of reasons. Many of these young people who were kidnapped by revel groups were arrested by government forces and imprisoned. So Naguru is a mixture of young criminals and innocent victims of war and social disintegration. Above all though, it is a genuine beacon of hope for many young Ugandans who have fallen prey to years of violence and neglect

Mercifully however, people like Anselm have come to the rescue. He and his colleagues, with some volunteer helpers from other countries, are working hard to improve the life opportunities of the young ‘inmates’. Their future plans are to build a better equipped school and improve existing facilities. Anyone wishing to donate funds to Revive a Child can contact us as we are now acting as UK coordinator for fund raising etc. Below are some pictures of workshops, inmates and more. An inspiring example of the generosity of the human spirit – nice one Anselm!

The images below show inmates making crafts; taking part in  workshops bead making beads out of recycled magazines; learning guitar; showing off new bags for mobile phones; learning about computers; learning photography:



Conditions at Naguru are pretty basic, so inmates and their support workers are constantly seeking funds to improve these. The images below show inmates lining up for food (often basic maize flour porridge and not much else..), talking in dormitories and posing for a photo:


Finally, below are some very happy young Ugandans: some young women (ex-inmates) now at school and some young men recently graduated in different skills/disciplines:


Congratulations to all those involved! If you’d like to learn more about Revive a Child and how you can help, please contact LearningBeyond by leaving a comment with some details of how to get hold of you. Or you can make contact directly with Anselm through their website.


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