Oh wow Oh wow Oh wow

He realised what we wanted before we understood it ourselves…..”

In homage to the recently departed genius Steve Jobs, we thought we’d briefly consider his last words (reported by his sister..apparently uttered in his last moments)

Her description of his last moments suggests an outpouring of final adoration for his children, life partner and siblings – we like to think so!

Or was he already on the path to some eternal source of light and acknowledging the indescribable beauty of this new place he was now journeying towards?

Whatever the reason – let’s hope he’s on a real cloud now..and let’s use the moment to remember we owe much to the great tecnological innovators of the past 100 years. More than ever I think brilliant humans and use of technology will save the planet. One recent example – the new vaccine for malaria. Scientists hope to save 400,000 young lives a year in Africa alone – not possible without technology….but what else can help reverse or contain environmental degeneration, the impact of an exploding human  population..

Controversial? Tell us what you think..but here are some interesting links for starters:



Remember Schumacher’s ‘Small is Beautiful’

Then read Nano – The Magazine for Small Science



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