Learningbeyond in Guernsey

Guernsey sunset

Last Night at Hanoix by David Clapp

Well, lucky us – we’re all off to Guernsey tomorrow. Jim has some work over there testing a new virtual learning environment (www.itslearning.com) and is taking everyone else with him on this occasion.

The kids want to go snorkelling, exploring neolithic tombs, collecting shells and learn about why tides in the Channel Islands are greater than elsewhere. We’ll find out about the island’s history, geography and ecology (field work that’s otherwise known as ‘going to the beach’) and will share some discoveries.

If you have an iphone, the WorldTides app is great for helping with getting the tides right – essential on Guernsey where it comes in quicker than you think.

More great images of Guernsey on friend Dave’s website: http://www.davidclapp.co.uk or click on the image above.

See you soon…


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